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Aion : Video Podcast: Classes & Customization

Aion is now available. This podcast features a run down of the classes and customization options available to players in the game.The developers show off a number of the physical customization options..


Aion Online Interview: Flight is Key in Aion Gameplay

Aion is set to be released for us English-speaking players sooner rather than later (here begins the anticipation...)! I was very pleased to have the opportunity to hold an interview with the Aion sta..


NCsoft’s GSU Team Speaks About Account Security

Aion Online concerning the security of accounts. One of the biggest problems in the gaming industry is the illegal account-hacking, money trading and theft of personal information. Please continue rea..


Wemade's Aion

Aion, the same class setting, and the similar character style to Aion, NED looks like a evolutional version of Aion with a mature mount system which allows you to tame the monsters to your pets/mounts..


Aion:Customer feedback starting!

10% bonus you will get when buying more than 10M,no matter if you are a returning customer,no matter which server.For example:10M kinah is 48.48 USD on Israphel before, and now it is 10m+10%bonus =48...


Aion:Server Merged.Price Replaced

You can check the current price HERE,and look for what you need.


Guide for Aion Group

Aion. Generally only one of us brush. 2 stars a nurse sword guard. Most no more than one and a half hours long. Full group of no more than an hour. Need to bring resurrection wizard rock(up to their o..


Farm Lower Level Monsters for Mats in Aion

Aion, someone 8 levels higher than the mob might only have a 70% of normal chance for items to drop, including just 70% of normal kinah drop. Someone 15 levels higher might have just a 25% chance of i..


Level your Tailoring Add to Bookmark in Aion

Aion to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. Hope you like.Aion Gold)(from 1P to 10P) are done by repeating the 1P work order for which all the materials ar..


Some Information about Aion Classes

Aion to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. hope you like.Aion Gold). At level 10 players then get to specialize in their final class. The four base classe..


Aion Analysis of Class Selection

Aion players more or less.Aion Gold) are classified according to function: Close Combat: Templar, Assassin, Gladiator. Long-range Combat: Sorcerer, Ranger, Spiritmaster. Healing: Cleric, Chanter. If o..


Aion: Concerned Issues for Class Selection

Aion. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.Aion Gold) selection is one of cutting points when beginners start to ..


Aion 4.0 priests guides

Aion player, sometimes you may need aion kina. The price is low. If you believe us, we will try our best to make service for you. Next we will provide some 4.0 priests guides for you and I got it from..


Aion Gladiator Stigma Guide

Aion !Aion kina, hope helpful for some of you , please read it ...Aion kina here 24/7 online support! If you need buy Aion kinaplease chooseMMOfisher . Have a good time in our website !Aion kinawith f..


Aion Skills and Equipment

Aion Online players , nice to see you !aion kinafrom a forum , hope it will be useful for you and wish you like .Now please reading ...aion kina was the fact that immediately in-game within the first ..


Aion Crafting Guide

Aion are basically the same, but make different things with different materials. They are:Aion kina is actually a lot more interesting than in most games. When crafting, you get a double-barred window..


Aion: Classes

Aion offers a choice of four classes for starting players, who then at level 10 advance to two further specialized classes.Warriors specialize in close combat, utilizing their great physical strength ..


Aion the Tower of Eternity First Quest

Aion, make sure to check out this article!Aion kina : This guide is speed-oriented, not fun-oriented, to make you become a Daeva as quickly as possible. If you have quests piling up or havent played t..


Brief Introduction for Aion Scout

Aion but can also be the most rewarding with proper control. It contains two classes : Assassin and Ranger .Aion kina.The Ranger specializes in using the bow, setting traps to keep enemies at bay.Aion..


Aion Stigma Skills of Each Class

Aions classes , please read it and hope you like !AionkinaAionkinaAionkina(Lower level of skill available at lvl 28)AionkinaAionkinaAionkinaAionkinaChanter in AionkinaAionkinaonline , our delivery is ..


Questing in Aion

Aion are amazingly simple, but still enough to be entertaining. I know it sounds hard to imagine, but they were truly designed with a brain behind them.MMOs there are these things called quests in Aio..


We are re-decorating our Twitters

Aions community team has had a fine tradition of twittering about various Aion gold events and notable happenings through three separate feeds. Weve made a few changesand as of now you will no longer ..


Aion at the Game Developers Conference 2009

Massively, MMORPG and GameSpot, Aion has gained a collection of exciting feedback.Aion goldwas one of the highlights of the show for me. I think that players who have been waiting patiently for this g..


A Letter to Aion Fans

Aion communities across Europe and North America. I used this information to create a list of questions that I felt needed to be addressed right away by our development team. This list does not cover ..


New Community Manager Announced for Aion Online

Aion Online. Shell be working out of the NCSoft West office and heading up community management on Aion gold . This is a step weve seen coming for a while since NCsoft decided to split its operations ..


NCsoft to add Fatigue System to Aion

NCsoft to add Fatigue System to Aion.Aion in February in which a fatigue system called Pneuma from Rest (non-official translation) will be added. The fatigue system in Aion is designed to cut the numb..


First Quest Guide

This guide is speed-oriented, not fun-oriented, to make you become a Daeva as quickly as possible. If you have quests piling up or havent played the game yet and are curious about the details, this gu..


Aion: A Big Hit in Korea

SEOUL, Korea -One of the most highly anticipated massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, Aion: The Tower of Eternity from NCsoft, is already showing signs of reaching hit status in only a matter of ..


Aion Online: Ayase leaves NCSoft, Aion to release in Q4 2009?

Aion for US Europe in the fourth quarter of release date doesnt look good for anyone who wanted a release earlier this year.Aion goldis a very good game, but always remember..


Aion: Interview with Aion Community Manager

Aion Community manager,has released an interview about the details of MMORPG Aion.Aion Gold it will be released like others mmorpg ( fake Gold Version, like AoC) or will be an intense test until all p..


Aion Japan Will Start Service From The Summer of 2009

Aion will star its service since the summer of 2009!MMORPGs, Japan is a completely desert. Is World of Warcraft enough popular? But you may have never heard of Japanese WOWer. Even the rich Blizzard d..


Aion Q&A

Aion character customization be?Aion gold, but changed by other factors such as a rising PvP-rank.Aion gold to appeal to casual players?Aion gold?Aion gold. Transport will be done by foot or by flying..


Aion: The Tower of Eternity Hands-on

Aion: The Tower of Eternity. The game is an entirely new high-fantasy MMORPG being developed in Korea, but the developers have noted that the game will be designed and aimed at a worldwide market. The..


Aion: Beautiful Christmas Screenshots

Aion: The Tower of Eternity has won the coveted Best Korean Game of the Year title in the Korean Game Awards for 2008. It was widely observed that Aion gold outshone competing efforts with its epic sc..


Aion 3rd Closed Beta Information

Aion available over at Aion Gold It was translated by member tylendel. It contains information about Closed beta 3 and much more. Answers are given by the Aion Development/N..


Aion: Concurrent Players Exceeded 100,000 On The Very Day

Aion: The Tower of Eternity, a highly anticipated MMORPG developed by NCsoft launched Open Beta in the early morning of November 11th, 2008 local time in South Korea, and the concurrent players exceed..


AION: Hands On!

The website of Straticshas released a hands-on article offantasyMMORPG Aion: Tower of Eternity after approximately 45 minutes of uninterrupted playing inside the world of Aion Gold. Aion Goldhas. So g..


Aion: Questions & Answers from Two Beta Players

What do you think of Aion so far, compared to WoW, FFXI, or L2?Irisviel: Aion is pretty similar to WoW, not a grind fest game like Lineage 2. I am not sure about FF11 since Ive never played it. Well, ..


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