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Aion : Video Podcast: Classes & Customization

The next video podcast for Aion is now available. This podcast features a run down of the classes and customization options available to players in the game.The developers show off a number of the physical customization options available to players, and assure us that it'd be pretty hard to run into someone else who looks just like you. A feature that will surely aid and helping players maintain their individuality is the ability to choose pieces of gear for looks and pieces of gear for stats. This way if you're wearing the best gear for your aion kinah class or level range, you don't necessarily have to look like everyone else who has achieved the same.

As for classes, in Aion players will choose between four class archetypes, the scout, the mage, the warrior, and the priest. Familiar archetypes, sure, but all four split off into two classes for a total of 8 classes.
Warriors will be able to choose between the offensive Gladiator, or the defensive Templar. The Templar looks like he'll be able to grab the attention of enemies quite well, he can literally reach out and yank a whole group of mobs towards him. Gladiators on the other hand, can wield a vast array of weapons in many different configurations. You'll be able to dual wield 2 handed weapons, dual wielded 1 handed weapons, wield polearms, etc.
The scout can specialize into two very familiar aion kinah classes to most people, the ninja-like Assassin, who plays pretty much how you would expect, and the Ranger, who is more of the loner type.
The mage archetype offers specializations in the direct-damage dealing Sorcerer, and the pet-based Spiritmaster. The Spiritmaster will summon elementals to do its bidding, while the Sorcerer just lays it down heavy on whatever is in his or her way.
And finally, we have the Priest. aion kinah Players will be able to choose between the standard healer type, the Cleric, and the team support / buff class, the Enchanter.
While Aion's class choices don't appear to break the mold, don't be fooled, the classes may sound generic, but the game's combat effects and animations do well to breathe life into some tried-and-true classes.

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