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Guide for Aion Group

Because we are a small group in Aion. Generally only one of us brush. 2 stars a nurse sword guard. Most no more than one and a half hours long. Full group of no more than an hour. Need to bring resurrection wizard rock(up to their own kind) to lift state of medicine. Treatment to skilled professional.

Our aim is to kill the yellow brush BOSS installed. Into the copy does not gousb later. Guard with a team of red(to open equilibrium) treatment after the lifting of the guard in the state. Therapy use samsara. Training instructors rushed Akbar habitat. There is a safe point (pile of stones into the hole edge). All stopped. After hanging, the strange far away to treat up to save people(called resurrection). Have risen, you can directly kill Akbar, training instructors in the game(Aion Gold).

Focus on.Training instructor Akbar behind the jump from here is the commander Jump here. Can glide up to look offended. There are also a safe point (opposite the stone pestle commanders) are down the whole group fell this point. Lead to the strange hanging finished it does not matter. Together with the resurrection stone. Commander very fast across the open space. There are two patrols. Killed on the safe. Then you can slowly clear strange.Has been clear from here to the beautiful Lake Closed habitat rice dream stone chamber, 10 is good luck will be buried for thousands of gold encountered Ginseng. After killing the beautiful. Come back to kill the commander.

Level(Aion Gold)48 copies are also general to kill the three BOSS. With good, experienced. All brushing will not need an hour. Here is the most in the need to obey orders. Destroyed after the group do not lead up to the strange time.


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