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Level your Tailoring Add to Bookmark in Aion

It's really nice to see you here, and I think we'll be good friends soon. I have some summary about Aion to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. Hope you like.

The best way to level your profession is via Work Orders, which are given from the Expert Tailor in the same room where the sewing machines are. For your first orders, you'll see work orders available formatted as such: "Work-Order-Name" when talking to the NPC. You'll start with 1P work orders.

To start crafting, head close to a sewing machine, double left click the machine, select your work order. At the bottom right corner you'll be able to set the quantity of items you want to craft. Alternatively you can press the "craft all" button, which will craft as many items you can craft with the quantity of mats you have in your cube. The first ten levels(Aion Gold)(from 1P to 10P) are done by repeating the 1P work order for which all the materials are given to you by the NPC.

Do the works order, turn it in, and repeat until you reach 10P.As I said the first work order has all the mats already provided, so it's a free way of leveling(aion kina) . Once you reach 10/99 (10P) a new work order will be available. You can either switch to this one or repeat the free 1P work order until you reach 40P. At 40P the 1P work order will no longer be available so you'll need to start buying work order supplies at that point.

I sincerely hope it will help you some. Thanks for reading. Have fun in the wonder game ! and good hunting !

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