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Wemade's Aion

The same engine as Aion, the same class setting, and the similar character style to Aion, NED looks like a evolutional version of Aion with a mature mount system which allows you to tame the monsters to your pets/mounts and to fight on mounts. Another feature, the farm system, will provide you the materials and food, for example, farm can produce wool and dairy if you keep sheep and cattle in your farm. There are personal farms and guild farms and the products of farms are affected by the environment since there will be different areas like desert, barren, and grassland, etc.

 Wemade will also provide iPhone app to allow players handle their farming business. On the other hand the developer plans to cooperate with Aion Gold and Nvidia to enable 3D in NED. So far the BETA date hasn't be decided but the developer has shown their interest in European and North American market.

Wemade hold a press conference on November 4th and showcased their trump card of 2011 to the media. NED, a CryEngine MMORPG set in Europe in Middle Ages. Wemade highlighted some features in the press conference, such as companion and farm system. What's cool is that the game will have both ground and aerial combat but the developer didn't reveal the aerial monsters and combat.

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