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War Of Angels Closed Beta Key Giveaway

War of Angels is gamigos new free-to-play 3D online role-playing game (MMORPG). F2pGames is teaming up with gamigo to send out 500 Closed Beta Keys for War of Angels. The English closed beta of War of..


Myth Angels Online: Gift Key Giveaway

Myth Angels Online and Gameogre have teamed up to offer Myth Angels Online Gift Keys to forum members. All you have to do to get a Gift key is to register for this forum and post in this ..


Free-to-play fantasy MMORPG

world of War of Angels.You decide whether you are one of the good guys or one of the bad ones.Immerse yourself in a world of highly-detailed graphics with a unique look that combines Western conventio..


Myth Angels Online Launching Soon

Myth Angles Online you act as a Warrior chosen by the gods to fight in endless battles against evil minions. You can confront this arcade-type fun solo or grouped with other players, through instanced..


War of Angels

War of Angels will capture your imagination as you will discover a new fantasy game with unique animation. In this game not only you can use War of Angels cheats but also you can fight on land, in the..


Myth Angels Online CBT Live Today

Myth Angels Online is a Japanese anime style MMORPG based on Greek Mythology which stresses on its easy control and the excitement for gamers to blow away Bosses and monsters in the instance dungeons ..


Neowiz Games Recruiting CB Testers for War of Angels at NA Market

War of Angels is a high fantasy MMORPG situating players in a colossal struggle between good and evil. Players must choose their destiny as they battle to aid or prevent the resurrection of the evil f..


Myth Angels Online MMORPG Game

Myth Angels Online (MAO) is the newest title of the Angels Online series. As free to play mmo title, has kept the original 2D cute style anime flavor of Angels Online, and presents whole new game feat..


In addition to the Thanksgiving event

War of Angels includes new content for those ready to ascend into the improved open beta version of the game, including:Leaderboards on the War of Angels website - Players statistics will be posted on..


War of Angels Review Directory Intro

War of Angels is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Nglim Soft based on their renowned computer RPG, The Fate. The game features vibrant cel-shaded graphics, detailed environments and the ability to do bat..


Heroes of Three Kingdoms Features

Heroes of Three Kingdoms Features:1. Motion Captured Combat Using advanced motion capture technology, combat is brought to life by martial arts specialist, Dion Lam, best known for helping choreograp..


Cronous Overview

Cronous attempts to re-create that atmosphere in a persistent MMORPG world. The games graphics and interface are very basic, but with a high level cap and simple click-to-attack gameplay, Cronous may ..


New F2P MMORPG War of Angels Closed Beta Has Begun

War of Angels. If you have already known this game, you can download the game through this link. By the way, the download link of War of Angels is only available for the registers.War of Angels Gold h..


Neowiz Games Soars into North America with War of Angels

War of Angels, a free-to-play (F2P) massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The epic fantasy online game will be the first title on Neowiz Games global publishing efforts. Currently, ..


The Red vs Blue Competition in Myth Angels Online

Myth Angels Online, a LARGE SCALE PvP event called the Red-Blue Competition will be launched soon. The first round of Red-Blue Competition will be available on November 5th 3:00AM~4:00AM and on Novemb..


Angels Online: Classes and Robots Preview

Angels Online will launch on this December. Some details about characters and robot system has just been released.Angels Gold spells, as well as assistance spells and can wear cloth armor to improve d..


Replies to players' hot concerns XVIIII

Angels players, we are very happy to give you a look at some FAQs.Angel gold Card then they will obtain 3X exp.Angel gold Card when I tried to add it to my card volume?Angel gold Card in the new card ..


Sherlock Holmes Visits Eden

Angels.Angels Gold online Team, IGG11:00pm~11:59pm EDT (GMT-4) Aug 19th Gaea(2)9:00am~10:00am GMT Aug 20th Havoc(2)9:30pm~10:30pm EDT(GMT-4) Aug 20th Haniel(2) Sofiel(2)10:45pm~11:45pm EDT(GMT-4) Aug ..


Raging Desert Bosses Turn Up the Heat

Angels Online, Tons of EXP, valuable drops, and more fun than you can shake a walking cactus at: all of this and more can be found in the arid plains of the desert map. In the new House Party expansio..


Server Merger Details

angels players in a server. Either theres too many players competing for the same things, or its a ghost town with no teammates for difficult quests and no one in world chat towell, chat with. To help..


IGG Angels Blog Show

Angels game: Two years later, with Sam leaving home and going to college as a freshmen to a made up Ivy League school.Angels gold ? Thats right, its Transformers! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen w..


House Party Preview--House Building System

Angels, as the name suggests, this version is less focused on monster killing and more focused on character personalization.Angels gold .Angels Online gold !Angels gold Exchange System being released ..


House Function Introduction

angels players are curious about the house functions. Today, we are very happy to make a detailed introduction about that for all angels gold players.Function1.You can use your individual warehouse in..


Wolves VS Angels

AngelsLyceum directly in order to sate their appetite once again. Although the plan failed last time, they still managed to get hold of some food. Angels gold , can we hold them back and protect our l..


Kubel's slam, cycle helps Twins beat Angels 11-9

Angels 11-9 on Friday night.Angels gold in the seventh that gave them an 8-3 lead.Angels gold pay.Angels gold starter Dustin Moseley gave up two runs in three innings, before elbow stiffness ended his..


Abreu's 2 RBIs help Angels beat Bosox 5-4

Angels to a testy 5-4 victory over the Boston Red Sox on Sunday.Angels gold won the series opener on Friday night following an emotional tribute to teammate Nick Adenhart, the 22-year-old rookie pitch..


Angels Online: April Fools’ Day Event Preview

Angels Online team will be holding a series of online events to offer all players a chance to enjoy the fun and win abundant rewards.1. During the event, players have a chance to obtain [Fool Bread], ..


Angels Online:Raging Reefs and Monsters Overview

Angels Onlines Raging reefs and the monsters that inhabit them.Angels gold Online team from IGG is here to give all players a brief introduction to this evil scene.Angels goldplayers should carefully ..


Angels Online: FAQ - Angels Online News

Angels Online team has been so kind to answer some frequently-asked questions regarding this popular game .Q: What styleAngels goldis? Why it is called Angels Online? What kind of background story and..


Angels Online Interview

Angels Gold, what are the first things youd like them to know about it?Angels Gold is a cute, anime-styled 2D MMORPG set against a backdrop of the fight between Angels and Devils. This is the theme th..


Angels Online Expansion: Holy Battlefield

MMORPG Angels Onlinewill show you its latest PVP System - Holy Battlefield. Players can PK freely here and capture materials just like in the Outpost Battlefield and the Totem Battle systems. Today, t..


Angels Online: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Angelsgold team will be holding the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing event from 10:00am to 10:30am EST (GMT-5) on Feb 7th in the Angel Lyceum. All participating players have a chance to obtain abundant rewards..


Most Beautiful Scenery in Angels Online

From January 23th to January 31thGreen plains, beautiful flowers, blue oceans and colorful corals, all are amazing in Angels Online. Come and print a screenshot of the most beautiful scenery in Angels..


Angels Online: Iron Castle Guide

Angels Online to choose from. Players can talk to the Angel Tutor to graduate from the Angel Lyceum after theyve gained enough credits. After the graduation, players will have to choose a faction and ..


Exclusive Angels Online Developer Journal

Angelsgold has always prided itself on its cute graphics, game scenery, modern robots and classical buildings.Angelsgold is the best game we can produce. We are also confident that the new expansion w..


Calling All Angels Now Available Online

angels gold available for download on the Jennys site! It will be more widely available on iTunes in the new year, but we wanted those of you on our mailing list to have first dibs on the track. The w..


Angels Online

Angels online, I wanted to provide everyone with a better explanation of who they are.Angels Online gold, an IGG published MMORPG, prides itself on its cute characters, rich story lines, tons of fancy..


Angels Online Announces First Expansion

Angels Online recently announced its first big expansion for the game.AngelsGold (, a new MMORPG from IGG ( has attracted tons of players since it was first announced. Wi..


Angels Online: Classes Preview

MMORPG from IGG (,Angels Online will be launching very soon. Now the staff at IGG are introducing the various classes available to players. The details are as below:Priest: This class has ..


Angels Online: Who is your angel?

Background of Angels OnlineLucifer knew he would be punished sooner or later, so he gathered a rebellious army and attempted to overthrow the rein of Jupiter. Afterwards, Lucifer and his rebel army fa..


Angels Online: First Expansion Coming on Its Way

Angels Online, a new MMORPG from IGG has attracted tons of players since it was first announced. With the Totem Battle going smoothly and more players surging into the game, players are increasingly f..


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