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Classes and Races Are Included

You can choose six classes of characters players, and all are the Human race. These classes include the Warrior, the Dual Gunner, the Warlock, the Paladin, the Rifleman, and the Cleric. The classes are gender-locked, with three female (Paladin, Dual Gunner, Cleric) and three male. Those who are familiar with MMORPGs will recognize certain characteristics, weapons ,special skills, and natural roles that these classes demonstrate or fill in group-based play.

However, to each class there are also interesting twists which players can explore based on the customization of equip able items, appearances, and skill sets. The Pran represents a sort of seventh class of semi-controllable NPC who aids the player character in battle, interacts with the player, and evolves as the player's character advances within the world.

There will be mounts available to player’s level 40 and above. They are a fantastic feature of the game and they are a very interesting and beautiful concept. Each class has its own mount, and they range across the spectrum of fantasy and science fiction from the Dual Gunner hover bike to the Warlocks dragon and the Warriors armored gerbil. We will not have them for CB1, unfortunately, as the level cap is 30, but their feature which looking forward to players exploring in the future. (Champions Online Gold )The developers have also let players know that there will eventually be multiple mounts for each class, which is very exciting.

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