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CrimeCraft: Betadyne Sub-Station

Regeneration of the world because of its powerful drugs known, is best known Betadyne conversion kit and the drafting of Shanghai Media in the world system upgrade. Old pharmaceutical company, last Betadyne sub-station has survived for so long in an industry are often flexible and proactive in the research, development and production slow. Throughout the many economic shocks and the collapse of the past few decades, Betadyne has been active in their existing and expenditure by the sociology and quantitative forecasts in the medical field a lot of CrimeCraft  time. This allows it to retain or even increase their market share, even if many of its competitors over the years have withered away.

This flexibility and foresight to make Betadyne to a number of occasions to rescue the world. When the threat of super-resistance to all chemical antibiotics around the world, it is Betadyne who have seen this possibility, and the development of nanotechnology will eliminate the destruction of their cell machine error. When the radioactive pollution, many cities in the attack breeder reactors around the world caused by the collapse of the cascade, Betadyne has saved hundreds of thousands, if not with the nano-gel extraction of chelate toxic metals from the body million, in the sick. In these and many other occasions, Betadyne get between the right to maintain its industry leadership expected, rather than on their response and save lives.

This focus on a group of more altruistic Devblog two. Now do not think this means they want to give their products away for free. In almost all other megaindustrials the current level of advanced means, for once, Betadyne is not alone in its sensitivity. It remains to be seen, if the strength of this company, in such a competitive to survive, but most investors over the past few decades, it is unwise to have countless Betadyne a lesson. Once again, we go with the world's leading pharmaceutical enterprise group filled CrimeCraft Cash toe toe world.

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