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DC Universe Online Guide Review

A lot of gamers know that they can go to any local game store and get a strategy guide if they are having trouble with a game. What a lot of games don’t know is that there is an easier way to get what you are looking for. At there are multiple resources to help any gamer. One of the hottest DC Universe Online games has an affordable strategy guide at Killer Guides.

Not only does this guide offer solo strategies but also group strategies so you can be the best online. Other players will be amazed on how good you are. So after you are done being the envy of your online group you will also have advanced strategies on solo play and questing. Killer Guides dcuo gold Guide has step-by-step walkthroughs for all the quests. The guide will tell you what weapons/abilities work best on each monster. The guide goes into great detail on every single step that has to be done for each quest. I also love the tips and hints on each quest too. So if you are looking for a legit guide for DC Universe then let Killer Guides hook you up. 

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