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Fulfill Your Superhero Fantasies in DC Universe Online

Need to join the ranks of Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker and Lex Luthor?
DC Universe Online lets you play your own superhero or supervillain as the 1st MMO based on the internationally famous characters of DC Comics.
If you’re attempting to find an internet game where heroes and villains trade blows for supremacy, and where your own action as a player can decide the destiny of the Earth, then DCUO is for you.
Become a Hero or a Villain
Save humankind or enslave them—that’s the choice you have got to make when selecting your first toon in DC Universe Online. You can join the Heroes camp and protect the innocent from evil. Or you can embrace your devilish side and join the Villains clique to extort DCUO Gold and take control of the planet.

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Design a Custom Look for Your Avatar
Once you have picked your side, DCUO gives you a massive range of character creation options. Make your avatar a guy or a girl, little or big, bald or long-haired, fleshy or metal-skinned. It’s all down to you. Later on in the game, you can spend your DCUO Gold to further customise your look with rare gear and appearance modifiers.
Pick Your Combat Moves
What is the point of being a superhero or supervillain when you cannot have signature combat moves? dcuo cash lets you choose the powers, weapons and movement ability of your personality. There are 6 main power types—fire, ice, nature, sorcery, psychological and gadgets—with each having two different trees for a total of 12 power combos.
You may also select between 3 movement modes: Speedsters get the power to speed around and daze opponents like The Flash, Acrobats get grapple lines to swing between buildings and ensnare enemies, while Flight characters can zoom thru the skies and perform bombing attacks.

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