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The Cat that got the Cream

It was hard to go into work this morning. Not because I had to get up at six in the morning and walk the dog first, but because I knew that the *ahem* Valentine's Day update for DC Universe was finally coming.

One fidgety work day later and I was on my way home. I raced through the door and checked the PC. Yes, update complete!! Excited, I logged in and instantly noticed things were different. Logging in took about 10 seconds and my communicator had tasty new missions to run.

The first? Oracle had news that Catwoman had been spotted in Gotham and Willy the Snitch had the lowdown on her movements. And so the game was afoot. My first task was to track down the Feline Fatale herself; apparently Willy had heard she was seen in the Otisburg district of Gotham.
So off I flew to Otisburg and suddenly, my minimap lit up with dozens of green diamonds, signifying the presence of a vast battalion of heroes all searching for Ms Selina Kyle.

While it was fantastic to see the zone so busy with players, the only drawback was every time I got within a whisker of Catwoman, she had already spoken to a hero and then disappeared. After a few close calls, I managed to corner her and progress to the next stage of the mission.

DCUO Cat Woman

Catwoman then tells you that the Gotham Museum has taken possession of some rare Egyptian Gems. Rare Egyptian Cat themed Gems at that. What is a girl to do? She promptly vanishes into the Gotham night and you are left to track her to the Museum and attempt to retrieve these cursed gems and rescue the hapless curators and guards that have been transformed by the artefacts.
These four gems have to be restored to the statues they belong to in order to break the curse and lift the spell. Queue four miniboss encounters and an army of Jaguar Warriors, Tiger Lords and Cheetah Ladies. Each of the bosses has their own gimmick; one releasing a vicious stun/knockdown, one with a nasty area of effect blast, and so on. One cute little touch was upon battling the Lion bestiamorphs you free a pack of Lion Cubs that then follow you around and assist as much as they can. If the adult cat people are guards and curators, I can only assume that there was a school field trip visiting the museum that got changed into the cubs. I certainly hope the parents red the waiver they signed to go on that field trip!

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