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Old School is Old School

Dekaron (2Moons in other countries) is one example. The game is 3D and takes place in a world where humanity is on the verge of extinction. Only the Dekaron, or the resistors of evil and the protector..


leveling your character on Dekaron

Dekaron,and you want to know where to leveling your character. Here are place for you to level:Lv 5-12- Head to North Morte/Ares and kill mosters here.Lv 12-20- In LV 12 do the Maze of Newbies dungeon..


Summoner leveling spot on Dekaron

Dekaron,and you want to know where to leveling your character. Here are place for you to level:Lv 1-5- Stay in Braiken or Loa whether you started and kill monsters outside the castle walls.Easy and fa..


dekaron the Blue Knight and the Summoner

Dekaron DilBasically you use ice arrow and spam skills.Summoners - Fire off an ice arrow.If the summoner summons an alderbaran dont worry too much about it.Dekaron Dil service online, you can visit ou..


Build Guide for Dekaron Bagi

Dekaron Dil): 1 necklace, 1 helmet or armor with 4*9% resist gems, strengthened dark eye, +4 or above pants. The above metioned method allows you to max 2 resistance at one time.Dekaron Dil to use tem..


Tree Builds in Dekaron

Dekaron . I think it will be helpful for you. Hope you will like it.well no tree is BEST as some would call it.Dekaron Dil) chance to hit, block and crit.Dekaron Dilchance arent as useful here because..


Aloken will come to Global Dekaron

Dekaron on Sep 17th with other new content !Dekaron Dil percentage when attacking the enemy, the assault-type spell magic is also triggered at a certain percentage but when being attacked by the enemy..


Fast Level Dekaron Mage

Dekaron , from level 27 to level 36 , please read it on...At lvl27 you get 3 new skills.Those skills include first 2 REAL aoes and first freeze skill.Dekaron dil news !Dekaron dil and Dekaron Gold wit..


Dekaron Pet System Guide

Dekaron, you can have a pet. But you should use Pet system to get a pet. Before getting pet, you should read these information and know Dekaron Dil pet system.2. You can manage your pets inventory by ..


Dekaron Instance Dungeons Tips

MMORPGs, an instance dungeon is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy, or instance, of the dungeon map for each group that enters the area in Dekaron.Dekaron dil has also Inst..


Dekaron:Segnale Skills guide

Dekaron,Segnale can be Damage Dealer, can melee, can range, can magic damage. And they can tank, can heal, can buff, debuff. So I will Segnale skill guide to you.Hope it is helpful to you.Dekarondil a..


Dekaron leveling spot guide

Dekaron, then this is the portion you should read.Hope it is useful for you.MMORPG guides or tips, you can send to us. Then you will share them with more players. You will get some points after them a..


Mount Guide for Dekaron Players

Dekaron, you can adventure by your mount. But some Dekaron dil beginners dont know how to Acquire and Use a Mount Token.Dekaron dil mount guide for them. Hope these information can help them:Dekaron d..


Dekaron Sword and Some skill

Dekaron sword and shield knight wields can stand against everything , and they get very high survivability and high defense. But they are lowest based damage outputters, because the high defense is no..


Dekaron Expedition

Dekaron players. To some new Dekaron dil players, they may know little of it.Dekaron dil Expedition system introduction. Hope this article can help some people sometimes.Dekaron dilexpedition.Dekaron ..


Dekaron Mage and Dead Front

Dekaron ? Read teh following simple leveling location guide you will get the way ...Dekaron dil , here are several features of it ,please have a read...Dekaron Dil or Drkaron Powerleveling , please co..


Dekaron: Basic Leveling Guide

Required Equipment Level[2MLGS2]Dungeon Levels[2MLGS3]Area Levels[2MLGS4]Leveling: Tips and Tricks[2MLGS5]Dekaron Dil, and you get a step further to getting your level up.Dekaron Dil experience up get..


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