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Dekaron Instance Dungeons Tips

In MMORPGs, an instance dungeon is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy, or instance, of the dungeon map for each group that enters the area in Dekaron.

This saves server work and ensures that there will never be competition (kill stealing, spawn camping) over resources such as mobs within the instance and that player characters experience minimum lag.

 Of course, Dekaron dil has also Instance Dungeons. But many new players don't know how to enter Instance Dungeons.

So i collect these information and post them here. Hope these information can help some players.

 STEP 1. Find and click the statue at the Instanced Dungeon Entrance.

 STEP 2. Select a Dungeon Entry Rank.

 Each rank is divided in green letters in the dialog window. You can enter a dungeon by clicking on your choice, based on rank in Dekaron dil.

For each choice you will need to pay an entry fee in Dekaron dil, which is not refundable. Dungeons are divided into two types ? Individual and Party dungeons.

Note that if you do not complete the mission within the allotted time limit, your character will be teleported automatically to the dungeon entrance.

Note that you can only enter the instanced dungeon when all the requirements are met - DIL, Character?s Level, Party or Individual status.

 STEP3. Once you have entered, the dungeon information window will be displayed on the left side of your screen. The Information User Interface is as follows:

 Name of the Dungeon: Displays the name of the current dungeon.

Mission: Displays the ultimate objective of the dungeon mission.

Time Limit: Displays time limit of the current dungeon in the window or on the upper-left of your screen.

Progress: Indicates success or failure of each sub-mission.

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