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Dekaron Pet System Guide

In Dekaron, you can have a pet. But you should use Pet system to get a pet. Before getting pet, you should read these information and know Dekaron Dil pet system.


People love pets, and so will your warrior. They can accompany on your explorations of each region of Trieste. You can obtain one of several pet eggs from the shop. Once a pet is hatched from an egg, it will be your companion for 30 days. At the end of that 30 day period, the pet will return to its egg to sleep. When the pet is sleeping, it will not appear in the world with you. However, you can revive your pet by using an Awakening Ocarina item (available from the D-Shop) to wake it up. You can use the Awakening Ocarina to revive your pet every 30 days.

How to Activate Your Pet?

 STEP 1. Open your inventory window and right-click to awaken a purchased pet from its egg.

STEP 2. The awakened pet will now display in your inventory as a Pet Token, which can be placed in one of accessory slots (as shown above). You will be able to summon the pet into the world with your character as long as it is awake and the Pet Token is placed in an accessory slot. The Pet Icon at the bottom-right of the screen will also display that the pet is active.


1. To summon the pet, click on the Pet Icon next to the Mount Icon, or press the "T" key. You will see a brief processing window and then your pet will be there right next to your character.
2. You can manage your pet's inventory by clicking the icon that is next to the Pet Icon or by pressing "Y" shortcut key. Your pet's inventory consists of 4 by 10 cells, and you can change settings by clicking next to the check boxes.

 User Interface

 1. Pet Name Setting
Each pet has a default name, such as Woody, Wiki, or Ariel. However, you can rename your pet to something personal by clicking the "Name Setting" button and typing in your choice of name. However, you can only change the name of your pet once after awakening it. If you use an Awakening Ocarina to revive a pet, you can change the name again, but only once for each time you revive the pet.

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