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dekaron the Blue Knight and the Summoner

Wonder firing and crow wings are good against azure knights when you want damage and keep some more distance at the same time. This part is much more of for azure knights that don't have insensibility. Azure Knights - For azure knights you fire off an ice arrow and run because they have a speed buff. By the time they ice arrow hits the azure knight he will have closed some distance.K eep freezing and spamming skills level.Insensibility azure knights are much harder to kill because as people say insensibility prevents them from being knocked back. Although the explosion of the arrow to hear, slow to fend off insensiblity arrow blue knight because of damage.

Try not to hit the call, but mainly concentrated in the slow call. Do not worry too much about hitting more and more calls. Don't worry too much about getting hit by the summon. If you get stunned fire off a wonder firing or crow wings to make distance. When the stun runs out run then fire off another ice arrow. Dekaron Dil Basically you use ice arrow and spam skills.Summoners - Fire off an ice arrow.If the summoner summons an alderbaran don't worry too much about it.

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