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Fast Level Dekaron Mage

Here I will introduce you a guide for leveling mage of Dekaron , from level 27 to level 36 , please read it on...

At lvl27 you get 3 new skills.Those skills include first 2 REAL aoes and first freeze skill.

Fire blaze is a melee aoe skill,which will make damage 3 times to all enemies close to you .

Ice spike will freeze your enemy and make some damage

Chain lightning is ranged aoe skill with decent damage and not bad aoe range(all mobs close to your target).

Best way to use your skills at this points will be this - ice wave-chain lightning-ice spike-move into melee range-fire blaze.

If too many mobs are attacking you and have high hp just ignore last 2 steps and fill the cooldown gap in with lvl16 skills if needed.

If mobs ever come close to you,use fire blaze to make the distance and run away.Best way to lvl fast before lvl34 is to make aoe party in Heiharp,especially for mage.

If you dont know what is aoe party refer to aoe party guide made by bobkelso in guides section of this forum.Fire blaze will be extremely useful in aoe parties.At lvl34 go to dungeon in Requies and keep repeating will bring you great exp and some money as well.

Note : that at this point we will keep increasing our masteries,lvl26 skills will stay on lvl1,just as all skills before them,and we will also increase our buffs.

Skill order :

lvl30 : put 1 point in energy mastery and mana force

lvl35 : put 1 point in energy mastery

lvl36 : get fire fury,ice storm and lightning circle


Thank you for your attention and welcome next time for more Dekaron dil news !

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