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Old School is Old School

Only a few games have included "action" into their description. Dekaron (2Moons in other countries) is one example. The game is 3D and takes place in a world where humanity is on the verge of extinction. Only the Dekaron, or the resistors of evil and the protectors of humanity are equipped to fight against the monster horde.

Dekaron's storyline isn't really original. I must admit that the game's humanity-against-the-world storyline provides it enough reason to pump-up any player. However, with an MMORPG like Dekaron Dil, you wouldn't really care for the story.

Dekaron Jump

Dekaron Dil makes use of the typical MMORPG controls. Dekaron's game controls keep things simple for new players. The intuitive game controls also provide a smooth platform so that players can easily move through the series of skills they'll eventually get as they progress through the game.

The job classes in Dekaron Dil are gender and race locked and it doesn't have any character customizations either. This is a definite let down for Dekaron. Games that have no customization feature like Dekaron are a rare and dying breed. Actually, I personally think that when a game has no character customization it's really showing its age.

I think that Dekaron's solid player base is the only reason that the game is still floating. Though I can't really be sure if that's all there is to it. I've seen a lot of high level players in the game still roaming the low level cities.

Dekaron's character skills follow the skill tree system. You can actually plot the skills you want your character to have. This makes it easier for new players to have a bird's eye view on what skills they should be getting.

The game's skill sprites are not something you can look forward to. I think it was amusing to see how your characters unleashed their skills for a minute or two but then it got boring. The game's skills are also connected to the character's stat build. So there will be times that you will find yourself facing a similar looking character but with a stronger or weaker string of attacks.

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