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Summoner leveling spot on Dekaron

If you have just started choosing Summoner as your class in Dekaron,and you want to know where to leveling your character. Here are place for you to level:Lv 1-5- Stay in Braiken or Loa whether you started and kill monsters outside the castle walls.Easy and fast leveling.
Lv 5-12- Head to North Morte/Ares and kill mosters here.
Lv 12-20- In LV 12 do the Maze of Newbies dungeon-You recieve a 3 day veteran amulet that help, after it stay in Denebe and kill Monsters there.
Lv 20-25- Head out to Castor Cave 1st Floor/Norak Cave, kill archers there, easy exp.
Lv 25-34- Here you got 2 choices- Go Reques and solo there or go Heiharp and party up there(you also can solo in Heiharp)
Lv 34-48(50)- Make yourself good Gear and head out for Nunvice Dungeon in Reques.Really fast leveling till 45.I recommend doing it till 48,but if you want you can do it till 50.
Lv 48(50)-55- Head out for Norak cave 2nd Floor and pt there in room OR go Castor Cave 2nd Floor and solo there.This levels really slow do some DF,it'll help.
Lv 55-60- Head out to Crepso, join a 88 party or solo yourself while doing CQ/Quests.Normal leveling speed(Dekaron Dil) to get a high level on our site).
Lv 60-65- Head for Treasure of Crepso dungeon,try finding high level who do full C for you, or get some other low 6x people and do fast C.
Lv 65-70-You got Accses to Draco,but it don't worth till 70.This levels Continue do full C, and also you can join fast B partys.
Lv 70-80-Slow levels.Do fast B runs,Commsion Quests in draco desert(the 70 and 75 ones).Level 77 you can go Reques 2-Good exp and drops there.
Lv 80-85- Head to Python and join FE or FW party.
Lv 85-90- Continue training in Python or Go and farm for L3 in Avalon(soloing).
Lv 90-97- This part you got acceses to Magic Field of Crevice dungeon.DO it good exp.Also farm for L3,earls vouchers in Avalon.
Lv 97-115- Annoing levels.In 97-100 do B/A Crevice runs,Avalon,Farm for Vouchers in Tomb,Maze and Earls,Duke DF.
Lv 115-130-Becoming really hard to lvl.Abyss dungeon sucks,farm in Maze and Aqua for Dukes and do DUKE DF's.
Lv 130 - Just farm for Arc vouchers in the new maps(Aqurrai Ruins and Space of Pirlamage), and do Arc DF.


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