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Tree Builds in Dekaron

Hey guys, now here is a guide for all the players. The guide explained Dekaron . I think it will be helpful for you. Hope you will like it.

this is where allot of questions come up witch branch is best witch one does most dmg witch one is
well no tree is "BEST" as some would call it.

BUT there are some builds that work better if you have the right gear,skill,weps,and stats. A azura knight has 10 trees- str, agility, Sword, mace, Axe dualweild shield, and 2h -but has about 3 true trees - 1h or shield 2h or dualwield.

first you should know that no matter what you should have at least some skill points in agility and str because they help to build the base of the knight, increasing HP(Dekaron Dil) chance to hit, block and crit.

Now each tree has its own special skills and additions like +defense and +dmg but all comes down to personal preference with dual wield u can deal lots of dmg at fast rates with 2h you can deal Death but at a slow pace, and with a sword and shield the dmg is very poor but you hardly receive dmg so its "all good".Also each build has its own needs and things it works well with I'l try and break it down a bit.

1h/shield best used with 1h wep shield +defense items and sockets (+dmg and Dekaron Dil chance aren't as useful here because the more you block the better)high Dex and Hth. don't move much just sit there an let your shield and skills suck up that dmg

2h best used with 2 handed weps+atk speed items and sockets +crit is nice too (+dmg isn't as effective here sense u already deal allot of dmg..)High Hth with some points in Dex and moreish in Str tho for more dmg. don't move much to allow your slow 2h wep to hit.

DW: best used withdual wep+crit + dmg (+speed is good but not as useful here do to the fact that u already atk fast)very high Str and a fue points in dex(to meet wep req) and Hth (gata have some health)Move Allot and deal aoe dmg to stun mob to avoid being hit because you can deal some serious dmg and fast but getting hit is were you can really get beat on i would advise you to practice this on lower lvl mobs before trying to farm with it because its hard to learn but easy to use.

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