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Divine Souls will open beta today

Divine Souls is back for Open Beta! As a thank you for making Divine Souls one of the most anticipated games on MMOHut, we are releasing the Open Beta client early for you to download and install! Divine Souls will go into official Open Beta December 14th.

Thanks again Soulsers, and we'll see you in game.
Fight your way to victory
Divine Souls Gold features brutal weapons, insane combos, and non-stop action. With 3 classes, tons of weapons, combos, and dozens of active skills, players will have numerous of ways to beat their foes.

Fight against other players
Battle other players in arenas, which support 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. Players must defeat their opponents while dodging deadly traps and using the environment to their advan?tage. Beat other players, increase your PvP rank and fame, unlock PvP achievements, and earn PvP rewards! You can even fight in giant Guild battles!

Fight alongside your friends
In addition to arena-based PvP, players can join 3 of your friends in arcade-style quests through more than 20 dungeons. Earn PvE achievements as you perform combos and battle more than 100 unique monsters.

Fight with strategy
Players who prepare, prosper! Decide which of your skills you’ll take into each battle, and decide which items you’ll craft and enchant with the resources you collect. The strong survive, but the smart succeed.

Fight using enhanced graphics
Divine Souls Gold uses a new rendering process based on the GameBryo engine. Divine Souls utilizes enhanced graphics, and is optimized for graphics cards supporting PhysX. You can even experience Divine Souls in 3D.


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