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Dragon's Call 2.0 Patch Notes

A few months ago, a rumor said Dragons Call 2.0 was in development. The rumor is true! Compared with the upcoming new features, the first part of the DC 2.0 patch notes could be extremely boring. 

The new features include: the new Vampire Class with the artworks unveiled - a sexy female vampire wiping her blood-dropping lips; the new dungeon map - demon city, reversing the ways in which Dragon's Call used to be played, breaking through with a brand new method. Alright now, let's read the first part of DC 2.0 patch notes.

Dragon's Call 2.0 Patch Notes, Part I –

1. Wage System

The wage system allows players to claim corresponding rewards with the use of points that are accumulated by completing relevant quests. Click the "Reward" -> "Wage" button in the upper navigation bar to enter the wage page.

2. Auto-sell System

The newest auto-sell system can help players automatically sell equipment (common equipment by default) that are obtained through killing monsters. Certainly, this system can be set.

3. Reset Character Stats

Level 40+ characters are able to reset their stats, including strength, stamina, intellect and agility. However, luck cannot be reset, it may be increased or reduced after other stats are reset. Some gold will be consumed every time when stats are reset and the number of gold is related to character level.

4. Improved Equipment

Extra stats will be added during the refining process.

Different stats will be added to different class equipment, such as strength to the equipment for warriors, agility to assassins, intellect to mages and stamina to the equipment fit for all classes, like rings and necklaces.

Corresponding extra stats will be deducted when the equipment is refined unsuccessfully and its level is reduced.

Players can drag the equipment that has been refined before the patch is released into the refining slots, and then click the "Restore" button to add extra stats to the equipment.

5. Optimized Gems and Warehouse

After the patch is updated, gems, dragonshards, soul stones, event items, buff potions can be piled in one slot, but the upper limit is 100. In this way, the warehouse space can be saved greatly.

Quickly draw gems from the warehouse through a shortcut button during the enhancement process.

When refining, purifying, combining and injecting soul to equipment, players can quickly purchase gems or take out gems from warehouse by clicking the relevant shortcut buttons.

6. Optimized Quiz Show

The rankings will be based on the time that players spend in answering questions instead of scores.

Please click here to enter the exclusive page for the new patch.

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