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Dragon's Call: A Fresh Look At Online Promotion

Dragons Call team suggested RMA students to create an online promotion strategy for the game. 

The idea of asking Internet Industry Management faculty students came from the need to see mostly inexperienced users, who are new to online gaming in Dragons Call. This, of course, requires a fresh look on online promotion, which, "Dragons Team" hopes, to be found in RMA students.

Students were divided in five random groups; every group has a random supervisor. Each group has a budget of 200 thousand rubles (additional 100 thousand rubles are provided to a group which will create an effective viral marketing campaign).

The innovation and education company RMA was founded in 2000 and today is one of the leaders in the education industry. Since 2002 the RMA company cooperates with the State University of Management and, in the higher and business education formats,(Dragons Call Gold) trains competitive specialists in five areas.

Fabrika Online is a young and ambitious company specialized in social entertainment services and online games in the Internet. We work with high-level projects, quality and innovative character of products being our trademark. We value our audience and offer them only the best cutting-edge projects. Our objective is to fill in the empty and to form new niches and social groups in the market as well as to significantly enhance the level of online services and the culture of their use in Russian Internet.

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