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Dragon's Call: A Player Hits Level 40 on the First Day

Not only US players but also the players on Taiwan Dragons Call server was shocked by this breaking News on the first day of Server 8 launch. Dragon's Call Server 8 was successfully launched!

Around (GMT + 8) 16:00, a message from the staff of Taiwan Server was sent to the GM who is in charge of the newly launched,with a screenshot of the world chat log from their Server. The screenshot displayed a sentence "That's insane! US new server was launched at 11:00 this morning; a guy had already reached level 37.”The staff of Taiwan Server requested an investigation on this high-level geek with the in-game name Shadowshaman, since the players on Taiwan server were all gossiping about him.

There is an Action Point system to limit the players' movement each day, so it is impossible to reach this kind of high level in such a short time. But then the Taiwan players had also found out that an extra in-game system on the US servers might lead to this kind of miracle --- the Combine Magic Formation system. Same as the pocket machine, (Dragons Call Gold)the Combine Magic Formation arouses players to use an in-game item called Magic Scroll to roll out random valuable in-game goods and experiences. But the experience amount that can be rolled out is not much, and there are rates to get other items too. Meanwhile, Server 8 GM found that Shadowshaman had purchased more than 400 Level II Magic Scrolls already, and reached level 40 at (GMT + 8) 16:52, (the launching day of Server 8) before he logged out.

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