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Dragon's Call: GameDP Ex-Community Manager Sheds Light on Staff Abuse and Mistreatment

The following article was originally from Dragons Call official forum and was written by Ex-CM Rokkumon, he has depicted the whole backstory about the fierce argument that recently going on in Dragon's Call. This argument thread "Exploiting/Bug Manipulation, Cheating?" has over two thousands views and tons of replies already. And the previous News "WarFlow Community Manager on Strike" has got a few more info about Rokkumon. Since he had write out the pretty much every dirty little things already, there's no further ado needed. Just simply read on and tell us what you think in the comment zone.

Do note: This will be posted on as many game sites that will allow it. The community will not be silenced by abusive staff members like Kiari.

"GameDP Ex-Community Manager Sheds Light on Staff Abuse and Mistreatment"

Recently, GameDP and Everdream Studio combined two of their game's server in Dragon's Call. The two servers, 3 & 4, were to be merged into a single server as they did with servers 1 & 2 in the past. In a show of compassion, after the two servers were merged they developers added in a "Compensation Gift Package" for players to obtain upon logging in after the server merge completion.

After the merge was completed, everything seemed like all was well; though in the shadows of Dragon's Call's world of "Stilland", there was a hideous scheme brewing. Some players quickly realized that they could create alternate characters (alts) and obtain the gift package repeatedly.

It was pretty generous of the developers to give the players so many rewards; though, they could not comprehend the slew of player abuse and bug exploiting that would occur over the weekend while they were not in the offices. Players began using the Irrigator Crystals and Magic Scrolls to gain Dragon Gold, the premium currency in Dragon's Call that must be paid for with real cash, and they gained loads of it. After obtaining the Dragon Gold, they would simply delete the character and remake a new character using the same e-mail address, and all of the gold previous gained would still be there.

It was reported many players gained in excess of 1000 Dragon Gold – the equivalent of about 50 U.S. Dollars(Dragons Call Gold).

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