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Dragon's Call: Interview with ShadowShaman on Orclar s8

An in-game journalist of Dragons Call had got a chance to hook up with the well-known fast leveling player - ShadowShaman and did a short interview recently. Besides some useful and vital tips for new players, ShadowShaman also explained how the in-game moral played an important part while you were leveling in Dragon's Call. The pause in the middle part, when ShadowShaman wanted to take a lead, surely highlighted the whole interview and made his point stand out. Without further ado, let's enjoy the on-the-spot interview below. 

We all wonder how ShadowShaman on Orclar (server 8) made it to the top so fast and I got hold on him for a small interview. Here you will get to know his tips and tricks for how to become a successful player. He even gave new coming players some tips.

Bowser92: Everybody on this game is so amazed by how quickly you leveled up; many players just watched how you climbed up the rank to finally become number one. How did you do it? And what advice can you give to help others that want to level up as fast as you did?

ShadowShaman: To tell the truth, I use Dragon Gold (Dragons Call Gold)to boost up my level. As you know, we can buy scrolls with Dragon Gold and get experience from them. That’s the way I do to get up to level 40. Then I do instances with other great players such as Ace and CatToc.

So my advice for people is, if you are a Dragon Gold player (buyer), you can try your luck to get up to level 40 with scrolls like I did. If you are a non-Dragon Gold player (non-buyer) you can do quests and get to level 27 within 2-3days.
Also do instance 3 times a day, use up all your AP, get recharge AP from honor in Arena, use honor points you have left after purchasing AP, to exchange for experience. And find a mentor if it’s possible.

Bowser92: Did you get your Dragon Gold only through free or did you buy Dragon Gold?

ShadowShaman: To be honest, I buy a lot Dragon Gold and just get some for free.

Bowser92: The name ShadowShaman is interesting, where did you get it? Because as you know we don't have a class named shaman.

ShadowShaman: That’s from the game Dota, ShadowShaman is Rhasta, my favorite hero there.

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