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Dragon's Call Server 7 Launch Delayed

EverDream Studio has announced to reschedule the launch time of Dragons Call Server on the official site. No clear reason was stated on the announcement, but a few inner problems that might lead to this delay were revealed from Dragon's Call players. 

An old warrior from Dragon's Call alleged "Started from the first preacquaint for the EverDream's second game WarFlow release, the DC ingame events number was reduced and the customer support was reacted slower than before." Also it's not difficult to find players complaining underneath recent Dragon's Call event threads in the official forum, a few errors occurred during the event process as well. Although the EverDream official has noticed this problem after WarFlow’s launch and drawn back some labor force,(Dragons Call Gold) including hiring a new forum Admin and recruiting more player volunteers in the game, it will still cost a little more time for the DC player community to be recovered.

EverDream is like a young knight trying to slay the monster Hydra in the game called "browser game industry". When he decapitates the second head of Hydra, he has to be cautious that the first head is already growing back and staring at him again. It’s definitely not easy to be Heracles, right?

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