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Dragon’s Call: Server Merge to Go Ahead as Planned

Dragons Call: Server Merge to Go Ahead as Planned
In the coming weeks, Servers 1 and 2 of the free-to-play MMORPG, Dragon’s Call, will merge as planned by publishers LeKool. Though some features will temporary be offline, to help things go smoother, we have some information on what you need to do. 

Players of Dragon's Call will be experiencing a server merge between servers 1 and 2. This will combine the player base of both servers onto one, creating a more populous and diverse server. Publishers LeKool (Business Tycoon Online, Caesary) have laid out a couple things which you should know in preparation for this server merge.

If you happen to have a character on both servers, you must choose one of those characters to keep and the other one will be deleted. However, all the stats and items of this character will be maintained after the merge. Although all of your achievements will be removed, you can reselect them again from the list once the new server is up.

As compensation for your patience during the Dragon’s Call (Dragons Call Gold)server merge, you will be granted 3 days VIP status and an experience blessing. This is in addition to the 200DG that all players above level 30 will receive. All compensations must be claimed within three days of the server merge, so don't forget!

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