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Playing experience awaits you in Ether Saga

Ether Saga, which was released earlier this month,has three playable races and six characterprofessions along the lines you might expect from a role-playing game (such as warrior, wizard, and rogue), but all characters also start their lives with a "pet" companion with a specific "attitude" (essentially, a combination of behavior and skillset) that complements its owner's abilities. For instance, a weakly wizard character most likely wants a pet with the "fierce" attitude that will step up and "tank" (block out incoming attacks from monsters).

However, there's no limit to the number of pets you can earn, and since ESO GOLD has a "monster dominance system" for its nine major monster classes (a rock-paper-scissors-like system where a specific class of monster will easily beat out another specific class of monster), you'll want to amass a stable of them to help you deal with a variety of foes.

The game has more than 200 monsters total, and you can already capture about 100 of them for use as pets, or use the game's "transmutation" ability to change yourself into a specific monster type for monster-countering purposes. Meanwhile, the game includes eight instanced areas so far, with a heavier emphasis on quests and storylines (the game has about 15,000 quests, consisting of 16 different quest types) than more-traditional online games from Asia. And just like with most traditional free-to-play games, Ether Saga Online Gold will havea "cash-op" online store where you can pay real money out-of-pocket in exchange for in-game goods.

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