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FFXI Gardening 101

Although FFXI gardening may seem to be a boring task especially if you’re one of those macho guys who thinks planting flowers and plants are for girls, well you’re wrong. No matter how boring it may be, it can be very relaxing and very well rewarding. The results of your gardening can be sold for a profit, used for quests and to make things through your guild.

To start gardening you need to purchase a flower pot which can also be made if you have the 2 trade skills goldsmithing and blacksmithing. Would be much easier to purchase it however. Flower pots can cost about 1,000 FFXI Gil makes money, in this case, FFXI Gil makes gils. This is an investment of time and FFXI Gil. After getting your pot, you will need some seeds which drops off various sapling type mobs or can be purchased at some merchants.

Place your pot in your Mog safe and use the furniture option to situate the flowerpot somewhere in your house. You can have up to 6 flower pots in each Mog house. Ideally, the more characters the better. After placing the pot, go to the garden option in the Mog house menu and plant the seed into the pot. A garden doesn’t grow over night, in real life it takes weeks to months. Lucky for us it will only take a few days in the game. Once your plant begins to germinate you will need to feed it special crystals(Whatever happened to old fashion water?). The crystals are the same ones used for the guilds and drop when you have signet cast upon you by a guard. This will generally take a few days, be sure to check back on your plant every chance you get. The better you treat your plant the better your results. If you should choose to completely neglect your plant it may die. Just like in real life.

The result seems to depend upon a combination of the crystal you fed the plant and the original seed. I have not seen any accurate chart on how it works, so it may even be somewhat random. It seems as though you get the opposite of the crystal you feed the plant. Thus feeding it dark crystals will bring you light ones or fire will bring water. However, you can also get various plants, herbs and other things that could conceivably grow in the dirt. Many of these items sell for decent FFXI Gil

Try this
Buy a brass flower pot in the auction house, several vegetable seeds and some water crystals. You plant the flower pot in your Mog house, and put in the vegetable seeds. You feed it water crystals now and then, and after 1-3 days you will have 17 fire crystals come out of it! I have heard rumors that you won’t always get fire crystals, but you can have I think 6-8 flower pots per house, so if you use an auction mule to garden as well, you can make some really good money… 20-30k every 2-3 days for each account, minus the cost of the seeds and the water crystals. Also, I think that all gardening combinations yield something that can be sold, so you may find a combination that gives something even better than fire crystals! Just experiment! A flower pot is a very cheap investment, and if you are disappointed with the result, you’re not losing much money anyway!

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