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Final Fantasy 14 Preview

The hype machine isn't pumping up Final Fantasy 14 quite as much as it did for FF13 and its various (still unreleased) spinoffs. Developer Square Enix has a reason for this--the core fanbase of Final Fantasy, by and large, doesn't seem to find an online Final Fantasy game to be particularly appealing. This is likely because the last online FF effort, Final Fantasy 11, is a disappointment to many--it's a grind-heavy, obtuse massively multiplayer online role-playing game built long before World of Warcraft made the genre accessible to the masses that lacks the narrative-building and character development that makes the series so memorable.

Final Fantasy 14 Preview

When Square Enix first unveiled 14--and revealed it as an ffxiv gil MMO Sony press conference, the crushing disappointment from the audience was palpable.In the private demo session, I had the opportunity to create new characters and pick two of the three starting cities. After you create a character, the game greets you with a beautifully rendered and voiced cinematic sequence akin to what we're used to seeing in the offline FF games. It's quite the welcome change from being unceremoniously plopped, alone and bewildered, into the middle of a giant city with no clue what to do, as the previous game did. Choosing the forest city of Gridiana has you hearing mysterious voices and final fantasy xiv gil witnessing a fiery airship crash, and you end up meeting with two survivors and a pack of ravenous wolves.

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