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Discover the Miracles in Forsakia

Forsakia: The Lost Clans is a game that set in the mystical world of Jianghu, a Chinese 2D browser-based flash game which was once ruled by powerful clans. However during a vicious strike a mysterious assassin killed leaders of all clans, throwing the world into chaos. Take upon the role of one of six warriors and fight your way through the chaos.

Despite being a browser game, Forsakia - The Lost Clans offers many features you already know from client-based MMOGs. Don't feel like increasing your experience by batteling various monsters? Challenge your fellow players in exciting PvP matches! Train your own pet to help you in monster and PVP battles or get your own mount to carry you around the vast world. Gather materials from various resources all over the game world and use Forsakia Tael to craft new items. Build your own house to show off your wealth to your friends and fellow players!

Forsakia: The Lost Clans is scheduled to launch with an English beta version, open for all alaplaya users. Other languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish will follow quickly. We will update the game information as the developing.

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