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Forsakia: Fantasy browser game has launched into the Beta

Players from all over the world can now enjoy the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORG) Forsakia – The Lost Clans as it soars in the Open Beta phase of testing. The browser game runs without any downloads, and can be accessed simply with an alaplaya account. 

Forsakia - The Lost Clans The fantasy game fired into the Open Beta today, after the online game publishers Burda:ic (S4 League, Fantasy Tennis) announced the game a few months ago. The Open Beta will run initially in English, with other languages such as German, French and Turkish to follow. Those wishing to participate in the Beta need only sign up for an alaplaya account. Participants should take note that there may be a character wipe at the end of the Beta test phase.

Forsakia – The Lost Clans is a browser-based online game set in the colorful fantasy world Jianghu. The role-playing game puts you in the shoes of one of six unique characters, each with varying strengths and advantages. Your mission is to take on the various forces of evil that torment the land, (Forsakia Tael)using a host of powerful equipment and weaponry. In Forsakia – The Lost Clans you are able to train your own loyal pet to keep you company as you embark on a string of endless adventures.

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