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Forsakia: Short sneak-peek trailer unveiled for upcoming browser game

As the Beta phase approaches for the new fantasy-rich online game Forsakia, publishers have revealed a short teaser trailer, giving curious players a taste of what's to come. A date for the Beta launch has not been set, but publishers have given plenty of hints that the Beta phase will soon start. 

Forsakia - The Lost Clans Online games publisher Burda:ic (Land of Chaos Online, S4 League) haven't set an exact date for the launch of the test phase, though it should start 'very soon'. Alongside hints of an approaching Beta start, Burda:ic released a short teaser trailer, which can be viewed here.

Forsakia – The Lost Clans is a 2D browser game set in the colorful world of Jianghu. The flash-based fantasy game doesn't require any downloads, and is accessible from any browser. In the online game you adopt the role of one of six quirky anime-style characters and journey across Jianghu, uncovering the mysteries and overthrowing your evil enemies. In the game you will find a combination of PvP and PvE combat, (Forsakia Tael)which bring you face-to-face with a barrage of combative challenges and missions. Train a loyal pet and explore the lush and mysterious world around you in search of the Lost Clans.

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