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Rose Online Overview

New players begin Rose Online as a special ‘visitor’ class but can change into one of four 1st jobs at level 10. At level 100 each class can apply for one of two 2nd job choices. Here is a brief description of the 4 1st jobs and 8 2nd jobs, for more information on Rose Online please read our full review:

Muse - Muses are the primary casters of Rose Online. They use both offensive and supportive spells with intelligence being their pimrary stat.

Mage - The offensive specialization of the Muse. Mages are powerful damage dealers and use spells such as Meteorite Flow and Icy Hailstorm to cause havoc.
Cleric - The support branch of the Muse. Clerics heal and buff their allies but can also summon pets to aid them in combat. The Cleric is a versitile class; by increasing their strength they can hold shields and become powerful hybrids that preform well in PvP.


Soldier - Soldiers are melee fighters with strength as their main stat. The Soldier can specialize in offense or defense but their primary role in a group is to tank.

Knight - The defensive branch of the Soldier. Knights use one handed weapons with a shield in order to tank high level monsters for their group.
Champion - Offensive warriors, Champions use two handed weapons to swing at multiple targets at once.

Dealer - Dealers are the merchant class of rose online zulie. Besides crafting items, Dealers use guns and launchers in combat. Their main stats are concentration and sensibility.

Artisan - Artisans craft equipment, castle gears, and cut gems. They focus on speed in increase the critical hit rate with their guns.
Bourgeois - Primary money makers. Called ‘Bourgs’ for short, they focus on finding items and dealing damage with long ranged weapons.

Hawker - Hawkers are the fast rogue/archer characters in Rose. They posses the ability use poison and boost critical hit and attack speed. Dexterity is their primary stat.

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