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Gates of Andaron News List

Gates of Andaron, a fantasy MMOG - with RTS elements - published by Gameforge4D.The two nations of Iberia have splintered into two factions: Derion and Valorian. Fight for disputed territory, besiege ..


What Do Your Choices in MMOs Say About You

Gates of Andaron with a small number of typical classes, you will end up with a whole lot of the same characters. Right? Not at all! Because even if you have the same two warriors with the same equipm..


Official Battle Trailer

Gates of Andaron. Gamers will get a peek into the battle that is waging in the kingdoms of Valorian and Derion.In Gates of Andaron Gold, the player can experience a wide variety of quests, territory b..


The Quest of Danger of the Kapaks

Gates of Andaron.Gates of Andaron Gold to Mopin.Gates of Andaron Gold plays an important role. If we can make a concentrate out of it and mix it with those disgusting bee stingers. Oh thats what youre..


Gates of Andaron Features Information

Gates of Andaron features information that I will introduce to you, and hope you like it, there follows will tell you detail information:Gates of Andaron Goldis needed too, stay in control, and lead y..


The Information of Sealed items in GOA

Gates of Andaron guide which selected from the other website by me, but its not my work,mmofisher just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some. Enjoy your day.It is the items in which real charac..


Gates of Andaron Republic Beta

Gates of Andaron information that came from other website. Lets go see it: These are combos that should be used just about every single fight.Gates of Andaron Gold) and movement in the game emulates r..


Darkfall Feature

Explore five continents, countless small islands, trackless underwater depths, Gates of Andaron Gold and a sprawling underworld. Hundreds of dungeons and adventure areas await.Gates of Andaron Gold an..


Gates of Andaron Now Open to All Brave Adventurers

July 30, 2009 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Gameforge, the worlds leading independent distributor of online games, today announced the opening of a new client-based MMOG, Gates of Andaron. Gamers will be int..


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