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The Quest of Danger of the Kapaks

Here is from the official site that something about a quest of Danger of the Kapaks. We just give it a summary, hope you like. and wish you have a good day in Gates of Andaron.

The quest giver named Hunting Leader Mopin, and the level renge is 10, you will gain 603 k and 594EP after the quest. Hunt the Kapaks in the vicinity of Mopin's hunting camp and collect eight of their weapons. Take Gates of Andaron Gold to Mopin.

Loot 8x Weapon of the Kapaks. The Hunting Leader Mopin: Princess Benita is in the western part of the torent forest? Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone. I first have to ask if it's even possible. Then we can also see which weapons the Kapaks use. Hm, let's do it that way! I will find out information on the Shaia in the district of Tarat. In the meantime please get me eight weapons of the Kapaks.

Hunting Leader Mopin: This idiot Charles has brought the Goblins of the Kapaks over here! We only saw a swarm of bees. And how they all jumped into the water straight away! One guy called Kauptos followed him and all the goblins with an incredible speed! He was really lucky! Then Kauptos found a valuable object, sat down and has been waiting there ever since.

The bees can't stand the smell of Benita's hair strand. So that's why you think Gates of Andaron Gold plays an important role. If we can make a concentrate out of it and mix it with those disgusting bee stingers. Oh that's what you're talking about?! Before the battle of Nardwashi we made use of the water in the seas.
The Kapaks are using these weapons! They're better than I thought. Hmm, let's see, according to the records this seems to be right!

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