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Hall of Monuments

We had the opportunity for an exclusive chat with Eric Flannun, Lead Designer for Guild Wars 2 to talk about the newly announced Hall of Monuments feature! Tully asked him the following questions:

OnRPG: Firstly, for those that may not be familiar, could you please give a brief rundown of what the Hall of Monuments featured in Guild Wars: Eye of the North is and how it interacts with Guild Wars 2?

Eric: The Hall of Monuments is a personal instanced area in Guild Wars: Eye of the North that records a player’s achievements across many different areas of the game. We created the Hall of Monuments to serve as a bridge between Guild Wars 2 Gold and the original Guild Wars, as a way of preserving the legacy and recognizing the achievements of Guild Wars players in the sequel. The trophies, titles, and achievements in the Hall of Monuments are all worth points that players can use to unlock special weapons, armor, animal companions, and more for their Guild Wars 2 characters.

OnRPG: You released Guild Wars: Eye of the North back in 2007 with the Hall of Monuments. Have you made any significant changes to how the two games will interact or have things gone according to the initial plan?

Guild Wars 2 Halls of Monuments Feature Welcome Screen

Eric: Things have for the most part gone according to plan. Guild Wars 2 takes place 250 years after the original Guild Wars and is a completely different game system, so we knew that players would create new characters and that many of the mechanics in the original game would not carry over directly into Guild Wars 2. However, we knew at a very early stage of development that we wanted a way for Guild Wars players to create a legacy that would benefit their new Guild Wars 2 characters, so we created the Hall of Monuments. We knew generally that we wanted achievements in Guild Wars to carry over, so it was just a question of incorporating that into the design of Guild Wars 2 Gold.

OnRPG: You’re unveiling the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator. How can a player see what they will be entitled to?

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