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My Most Anticipated MMORPG

From the second ArenaNet announced Guild Wars 2 , I've been hyped for it. The reason is quite simple; ArenaNet is one of the best game developers around. What makes them one of the best is that the company thinks outside of the box. They don't follow trends or copy others; they go their own way, and create a fresh game play experience for all to enjoy. That's not the only reason I'm looking forward to Guild Wars 2 though. Read on and see why I can't wait to get my hands on this gem.

The first Guild Wars is amazing. It is designed to fit both the casual and hardcore gamers' schedule. For the casual gamer, there is easy to get into PVP content, and a low level cap. For the hardcore gamer there is a variety of armour/weaponry to get, as well as Elite Missions and Guild V Guild Tournaments.

Guild Wars 2

To put it simply, there is something for everyone in Guild Wars. Not only that, but every segment of game is perfectly crafted for its purpose. Everything from mission structure to the fundamental game play elements were created with passion, and care. Guild Wars is a masterpiece of design, so when I think about how the sequel will take the core concept of the original and expand it, I can't help but get excited.

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit tired of the standard MMORPG format. The one where you just watch your character stand in front the monster, slowly but surely depleting its health. I want to feel like I'm actually doing something, that I'm actually in control and determining what my avatar is doing. I don't just want to be his baby sitter. Guild Wars 2 gold hopes to change the status quo with a more action orientated battle system.

By action I don't mean running around, blowing things up. Instead I mean actually doing actions and controlling my character. Yes, I know in World of Warcraft I am controlling my character, but it doesn't feel like that. I don't feel like I'm getting any response from combat system. It shouldn't be me sitting at my PC, watching my character hit an enemy with his sword automatically. Instead it should be me deciding when my avatar should hit the enemy with his sword.

Enter, Guild Wars 2 gold. Every action in battle, you decide. After you make the choice of which action to do, you get a response. You might see your character rush towards the enemy and strike them, and you'll hear the sound of your character's sword hitting. You get that kind of response with Guild Wars 2 gold. You can see what you're doing and see how you, as a gamer, are contributing to the fight. Don't believe me? Then maybe you should check out the battle system.

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