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Forum Suggestions for Karos

We think it might be a good idea for Karos, so that the thread where you can post what forum should implement your ideas. We would like to ask everyone who does not wish to release at the Forum unless you want to say what is reasonable. Please post if you can explain your proposal, if it is justified, if you can tell us why this is useful.

P.S. The first reply will be made by us to be a placeholder, so that we can add good suggestions to the list. And if a GO thinks this thread is worth it, it would be great if it could be pinned. We will start with a few suggestions in game(Karos Gold).

1. Different language sections. We believe this needs no explanation. Most people here use English as their second language and would like to communicate with other players that speak their first language. By the way, we provide Karos Gold for you.

2. Game Discussion and Off-topic Discussion sections. At the moment all the threads are thrown together in a single section. That leads to quite a chaos. Even though GOs control the forums so that no threads break the forum rules, it would still be nice to separate the discussions revolving around Karos from other random discussions like "What are you listening to right now." and other such threads.

3. Forum titles.

This is not a thing that's really necessary but we think it would make a nice addition. For example RatedR would have the Post Addict title, no offence, buddy. These would be quite neat and kinda rewarding.

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