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How to make karos carat wisely

Speaking of Karos Online, the common sense is that the Karos Gold is always not enough, special equipment, expensive equipment is not good if the game effects will have a great impact, especially for novices. Then let's talk about the Karos Gold things.
A lot of players will be about money, in fact, the game provides a good means of making Karos Gold, and the key is a lot of people just do not grasp or did not insist. Ways to earn money 1: trumpet playing rock. Prepared in advance, some 10 below the level of equipment, such as knives, use 0 class trumpets to kill 5 to 15 bosses, you can drop a lot of good things, with the size of the numbers can be.
In short, with the trumpet playing great level of meteorites is that we can swap the value of Karos Gold. Ways to earn money 2: There is some accumulation of human capital, you can always look at the market, understand the market prices of various goods. Many people do not know the selling price, although some items are valuable, he would sell it to you very cheap, you sell at high prices and then someone else, so buy Karos Gold is really easy.
Ways to earn money 3: Horse soul of a good fight, the key to look at equipment. With a 26 to 30 of the sword took more than eight dozen monkeys, did not repeat it more than 10 minutes you can swap one, don't you think it is a good way to make Karos Carat,? Ways to earn money four: one level for each team the task to be done.
This can bring you Karos Carat, but also be able to upgrade. It is double benefit. And they saved a boss to fight the boredom. Used the above approach, I have never in the game been short of Karos Carat, you can try it.

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