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Karos: Skills for Cleric

The Mage and we know we are not much help to a person looking for Karos Cleric information, but theres not much traffic in this area so we will give our response. The starting skills are mostly garbage and should not be given more than 1 pt. All Mystics should max out MP Recovery as soon as possible, we can recover about 150 MP in one use while not in combat mode using this spell. Spells we use most often are corrosion, staff strike and staff burst.

Energy Bolt and Mind Blast are useless skills in our opinion. We only use our level 1 mind blast to finish off enemies when necessary. As far as the Cleric skill tree goes, you should skill in this order first priority to last : Passive, Buff, Heal, Attack. Clerics are party based classes, so your squad should do most of the damage dealing.  Our guild Dawnbreaker is currently looking for Clerics. We provide karos gold for you.


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