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Mabinogi: New Features and New Action

o The Mainstream Storyline Quest is now free for all mabinogi gold players to enjoy and learn more about the game's epic mythology.

o Mabinogi gold players who complete the Generation 2 or Generation 3 mainstream quests will now be able to transform into a Paladin or Dark Knight for free.

New Skill/Monster/Item

o There are more than 600 new Exploration Quests.

o Mabinogi gold players can choose from three new armor sets and other clothes for Human characters.

o Mabinogi gold can gain new titles related with exploration and Iria such as "Friend of Horse and Ostrich."

o There are new weapons, clothes and titles exclusively for Elf and Giant characters.

o There are three new discoverable dungeons with expanded diversity to enhance the challenge.

New Action

o Throwing Stone - Players can throw stones to aggravate monsters or objects.

o Play Dead- Players can fake death and not get attacked by monsters. However, players will be unable to move.

o Hide - Players who are Elves can appear transparent and will not be noticed by monsters.

o Land Maker - Players can change the shape of land in a certain area in order to find something buried under the ground.

o L-Rod - This device is used to detect hidden relics and artifacts. It'll make a beeping sound as players get near hidden items. The closer players get, more it will beep.

o Sketch - Players can sketch monsters or artifacts to complete quests or tell players a location.

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