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Myth Angels Online: Gift Key Giveaway

Myth Angels Online and Gameogre have teamed up to offer Myth Angels Online Gift Keys to forum members. All you have to do to get a Gift key is to register for this forum and post in this thread. The key will then be delivered by private message on the forum. The game looks a lot like Angels Online from IGG, Except with a larger persistent world and instanced dungeons. Graphically, Myth Angels Online has the same cute anime style graphics as Angels Online. The game also has a pet raising system.

To thanks our passionate gamers and to celebrate Myth Angels Online new expansion—Yearning for Spring to Come, alone with new server—CERBERUS, coming soon on December 14th, USERJOY is teaming up with GAMEOGRE to give funny gifts away for you, GAMEOGRE members, to kill time!After you obtain the key, a special in-game Disguise item, City Red Flower Disguise, will be given to you after you redeem the Myth Angels Gold key. This item is especially useful when playing siege war to deceive enemies’ eyes.

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