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Red War:Edem's Curse MMORPG

Red War, Edem’s Curse is an MMORPG that involves lots of dungeon action. It’s very similar to Diablo but with a few distinctive features. When you first begin the game, you’ll be introduced to the worlds which are called Alies and Meltya. You’ll then choose one of the three classes to play that include the Mage, Warrior and Ranger. Your goal will be to protect your home world from Qelian which are the dark invading forces of the game.

When you begin playing there is no tutorial but you will be given lots of potions and the basic armor needed to keep you going while you’re learning the game. Since it’s fairly easy to learn, it won’t take long to get the hang of things. The social aspect of the game has a lot to offer players and this MMORPG has a variety of quest that can be run in both normal and story mode. The isometric camera angle is a nice feature of the game as well.

One of the main aspects of Red War Gold, Edem’s Curse MMORPG is the battles. When guilds go up against one another these are referred to as castle sieges and they can be very interesting. The main attraction is the three PvP tournaments held each day, which are called the “red war” tournaments. Once you reach level 20 and have the currency to pay the fee, you can participate in these.

In these tournaments each player will be set to level 80 to make it fair for everyone and the stats and skill of the players will make the most difference in the MMORPG game. In the end, the faction that has the most kills will go away the winner. They’ll receive a set of prizes and have the honor of being known as the winner until the next battle takes place.

Redwar Gold, Edem’s Curse MMORPG is designed with a clone system that allows players to make a clone of their character that will act much like the pets in other games. They can be leveled up and customized to have their own skills and class. They can even sell items and be used as a place of storage. Red War, Edem’s Curse has an interesting storyline, exciting tournaments and fast paced action. It’s a great 3D fantasy MMORPG game for anyone new to MMO’s and who wants to get a feel for PvP action.

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