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Three Classes in Red War

Red War is one of Uforia's newest games, but unfortunately one of their worst games. Obviously, the red war is designed to simulate the way of diablo, is a bit funny, because the diablo is now in the age of 10. It will make more copies of the pictures on a recent game.

PvP fans should find some love in this game, when it has been open PvP system selection and several big PK PvP events. Except some interesting PvP options, red war will not have so much content of other new announced. Those looking for a “Diablo-style” action-RPG may enjoy Red War Gold. The game's three classes are:Warrior - Warriors in Red War are the toughest of the game's three classes.They have access to the best armor and weapons, but have slower attack speeds and less damage output than the other two classes.

Mage - Like in nearly every other MMORPG, Mages are the primary offensive spell-caster in Red War(Red War Gold). They start off with two spells and can learn more later on. They have the least hit points in the game, but do the most damage, at least early on.

Ranger - Rangers in Red War are basically warriors with slightly higher attack power, but lower defense capabilities. They also have less hit points than warriors but more than mages. As the name suggests, rangers normally use bows and crossbows.


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