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Combination Guide in RF

Welcome to our site! Here is from other site that something about RF. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

Excelsior parts can be combined into complete Excelsiors with the use of Silver and Gold catalysts. the number of Execlsior parts, silver and gold catalysts differ according to the the Grade of the Complete Excelsior (Grade A,B,and C). The Complete Excelsiors can be looted from Cauldron and Pitboss Monsters.

Grade A = 10 Excelsior parts + 5 silverC + 2 goldC. Grade B = 15 Excelsior parts + 12 silverC +5 goldC. Grade C = 30 Excelsior parts + 20 silverC + 10 goldC. Type A Weapon (Parpol) + Type B weapon of the same kind (Intense) + Excelsior = Type C weapon (orange).

Weapon Excelsiors: Blac Excelsior: Melee Weapons(RF Online Gold). Green Excelsior: Bow Type Weapons. Red Excelsior: Firearm Type Weapons. Yellow Excelsior: Launcher Type Weapons. Blue Excelsior: Staff Type Weapons.

Level 30 and 35 Weapons need 1 Grade A Excelsior. Level 40 Weapons need 1 Grade B Excelsior. Level 45 WEapons need 1 Grade C Excelsior. So far, the Korean site does not show any information regarting Type C level 50 weapons and and kind of Type D weapon. Force Reaver Combination. Basic Spell + Master Spell + Elemental Talic + Excelsior = Elite Force Reaver.

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