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RF: Some Tips for Level 50 Quest

Hope you like the following RF guide which selected from the other website by me, but it's not my work, our webside just give it a summary. Hope it can help you some.         

Calliana Archer (Ether) kill 50 - kaya to ng SOLO. Giant BABA and Great Curr (Cauldron) kill 30 - Last Hit. Turncoat Striker / Punisher (Elan) kill 10 - Party Quest. Devastator item(RF Online Gold) - 3 / Turncoat Chandra and Dark Priest (Elan) Kill 5 - Party Quest. Demolis and Cannibal (BM) Kill 10 - Last Hit. RHS (BM) - kill 1 - Last hit.

It's actually easier than it is described in the guides that we have read. For sure that guide in the RF(RF Online Gold)-ph website is misleading. Do not bother going to dragons grave. That jewelry box thing there is an npc. The monsters actually spawn near the general area where you enter the BM map.

Just take one monster at a time and you will eventually find it. Hint: if you see a blip in your radar and you can not see what monster it is even if your already on top of that blip, then you probably have one of the target monsters in front of you.

Just zoom in till you're able to click at it. Hardest part of the quest, if you're doing this quest solo, is killing devistators. WE probably used 10-15 revive pots in this part of the quest alone!

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