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Rohan skill build for Human Defender

The defender class in game Rohan can not be chosen at first until your Human knight character reached level 50 . The following information is about the Human Defender skill build . Have a look !
What is the Human Defender Class?

The advance human class considered to be as the ultimate tanker in the game. With their high defense buffs and stun skills, that makes them ideal in a party. Due to high Mana consumption, they need to stock more mana potions.

Stat Build tips

You need to have decent points in the Psyche to have larger mana pool since the Rohan crone Defender greatly depends on skill spells. Vitality takes most of the points to make your character have more defence and HP points.


Defender are essential to the party. With the high defense buffs and stun kills, they’re ideal when it comes to boss hunting and mobbing. When it comes to solo play, it would be a bit cumbersome due to the character’s low damage rate. It’s best to be in a party since you’ll kill the mobs faster.


Despite having low damage rate, the high defense buffs and the stun skills puts them at great advantage. You’ll just have to use your skills wisely and know when to use them.

 Skill Tree - Rohan crone Human Knight1. Divine-Level 5: Increases Light Attribute Attack by 100% and Light Attribute Defense by 50%. 8% chance of absorbing 10% of the damage dealt as MP.
2. Taunt-Level 1: Forces the target monster to attack the player. Can only be used while in a Party of the Rohan crone.
3. Rising Might-Level 5: Increases the Target’s Strength by 15% for 30 minutes.
4. Protection-Level 5: Increases the Physical Defense of the Target’s Armor by 15% for 30 minutes.
5. Psychic Crash-Level 1: Deals 60% additional damage to the target.
6. Sharpen Blade-Level 5: Increases the Damage of 1-Handed weapons(except Daggers) by 15% for 30 minutes.
7. Blessed Shield-Level 5: The Shield’s Block Rate is increased by 6% for 30 minutes.

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