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Rohan: The Gods

This is the part where they give you a key and tell you to find a statue etc, very first part in Rohan Online , just travel along the valley keeping an eye on your right (coming from the bindstone), until you reach a little hidden pathway up that hill there you’ll notice a sorta flat ground with the huge towers,.

Search around there and you’ll find it in no time.Then they tell you to look for varks, (the ones carrying crossbows) these are where they hide.

Supreme ruler of the gods in Rohan crone , Creator of the world and dragons, and Father of Edone. Ohn created both the world and Edone (who in turn created the Lessers). Ohn is currently in a weakened state due to an unknown catastrophic event that has left him quite frail. Technically Ohn is the "grandfather" of the Lesser Gods, but some beleive that Ohn and Edone are one in the same.

Offspring of Ohn, and Creator of the Lessers. After being given the world by his father Ohn, Edone created the the five minor gods, and sent them to this new world. His five "children" were: Roha/Loha, Geil, Marea, Phlox/Flox and Silva. While widely worshipped and revered, some beleive that Ohn and Edone are not seperate entities, but a single all knowning master.

One of the five Lessers, God of Wisdom, and Maker of Humans. God of wisdom, Roha created the race known as Humans, and it is this great god of wisdom that Humans can give thanks for their versatility.

One of the five Lessers and Creator of Giants. Geil is the mighty maker of the Giants of Rohan crone . After creating the giants, Geil confined them to the snow laden land of Dorat and charged them with the welfare of everything in Rohan crone .

One of the Lessers, and Creator of Elves. Marea is often associated with the art of healing and medicines due to her beautiful creations. Marea is the Mother of Elves, the wisest healers in the world.

One of the Lessers, and Maker of Dark Elves. Phlox is often associated with fire, the light it brings, and the harsh burning that comes afterwards. This is how Phlox's creations, the Dark Elves, are viewed. It is believed that Phlox blessed the Dark Elves with fire in their blood, which would explain their amazing ability of pyrokinesis.

One of the five Lessers, and Creator of Halflings. Silva is believed to be the last of the Lessers to create a race, thus it is said that the Halflings are the youngest of all races, this statement could be completely untrue however due to rescent findings. After creating the Halflings, Silva placed them on the island of the Eskar and Gaizan region.

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