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Second Life News List
The Art Institute to teach classes Online Via Second Life

Second Life Online Courses Will Be Taught In Virtual 3D Learning EnvironmentSecond life linden is a rapidly growing and constantly changing 3D MUVE (multi-user virtual environment) where residents can..


Who Says You Live Only Once You may still refer to this review as I believe both versions are exactly the same but the teen version restricts content.Second Life Linden..


What do you mean I don't gain levels

Second Life depends entirely on you. If you want to shoot zombies, you can. If you want to go to a club and dance your heart out, you can. Explore haunted houses, watch a movie, ride a rollercoaster, ..


skill point farming guide

Second Life skill point farming guide. I will explain the basics and how to do it but i wont have the exact numbers. The point of skill point farming is to save up enough skill points so that you can ..


Seal Online skill point farming guide

secondlife skill point farming guide. I will explain the basics and how to do it but i wont have the exact numbers. The point of skill point farming is to save up enough skill points so that you can m..


Subscribe-O-Matic goes free

Second Life, the blogosphere, and especially the Second Life Linden fashion community.Second Life Linden grid issues. Today, Subscribe-O-Matic groups have almost half a million members, and send close..


The Robes of Concealment are very intricate in Second Life

Second Life.Second Life Linden garments are colored to show the Kajiras place in society.Second Life Linden,high casts wear the finery that one would expect of the highest members of Roman, Greek, and..


Roleplay Series-Second Life Gor

second life. Second Life is the most detailed virtual world platform today.Second Life Linden to the needs of the user, the game has the potential to become the stage for the next generation of role p..


Roleplay Series Questes Second Life Gor

Second Life is a place where those new to Gor, and those active in Gor, can meet. The design of the Hub makes it an ideal setting for learning more about Gor while not jumping in blindly. We had the p..


Introducing the Subscribe-O-Matic Support Center

Second Life advertising.Second Life linden .Second Life linden business owners and brands are already utilizing Subscribe-O-Matic to take their Second Life linden advertising to the next level.Second ..


Catering to Gen Y… Bigger than Second Life…

Second Life news communitiesSecond Life linden news communities such as Netscape, Digg and Reddit are becoming THE places to get the word out.Second Life linden Marketing Blog has helpfully provided s..


Storage Software Solutions for Second Life

Second Life. But, one thing is certain, your business will continue to generate data and at an increasingly rapid rate. However organisations are reluctant to spend any more money than absolutely nec..


Second Life gets its first tabloid

Second Life cyber-community.Second Life linden is to get its first tabloid. Axel Springer, the publisher of Germanys top-selling Bild newspaper, is poised to launch a weekly paper designed to sate the..


Reuters Gets A 'Second Life,' Opens Virtual Online News Bureau

Second Life, the popular Internet-based simulation game where users create their own characters and society.Second Life Linden members and news of Second Life Linden for real world readers who visit a..


How Shelly in 'Second Life' Resists Vodka

Second Life. They will soon publish the first results of their research. SPIEGEL ONLINE accompanied a patient to therapy.Second Life Linden, Shelly often sits on the beach, almost at the waters edge, ..


Inside the Smithsonian Institution's first "virtual museum"

Second Life, the Smithsonian Latino Center has put its diverse collections in cyberspaceMany education organizations would love to have their own museums. Of course, the big reason that a lot of them ..


SFU’s Second Life property celebrates Robbie Burns

Second Life, a popular 3-D online community. On Burns birthday a wreath was laid at the foot of the statue while lines from one of his poems were recited.Second Life linden allows people to create vir..


Sweden Opens Virtual Embassy in Second Life

Second Life -- in the hope of increasing its profile with young people around the world.Second Life Linden is to host its first diplomatic representation. Sweden has decided to open a virtual embassy ..


Businesses experiment with Second Life

Second Life is providing some real-life ventures with an opportunity to discover whether they can find real business in a virtual world.Second Life Linden virtual world. (Linden Research Inc.)Second ..


Alphaville Herald Acquires Second Life Herald

Second Life Herald has been acquired by the Alphaville Herald. Current Herald staff will retain their positions, and the company plans to add staff as the editorial focus of the paper is broadened to ..


Virtual meetings to ground two million airline seats

Second Life Linden could also see increased usage as companies seek alternatives to air travel.


Geospatial Mapping Berkeley in Open Sim and Second Life

Second Life region of Gualala recently when I randomly crashed into an extremely familiar site: the Berkeley BART station, photographically recreated on a topographic plane in 1:3 ratio. Looking aroun..


In Second Life, it's a wonderful, virtual world

Second Life account. Looking for a new way to make friends on the Internet, his first foray into virtual worlds saw him log on to World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer on-line role-playing game. ..


World Bank's Second Life Launch of Doing Business Report

Second Life Linden.Second Life Lindenis part of a larger effort to use social media to promote the work of the World Bank. The World Bank also has blogs and a Facebook group. They are working hard on ..


Second Life Gets Sexier

Second Life Community Convention held last weekend in San Francisco is any sort of barometer, the people who get involved in online worlds are as socially adept and gregarious as anyone else.Second Li..


Nexon Star: Cartoon Ver. Second Life?

Second Life, Nexon Star is an internet-based virtual world where players can experience the real-world social, economic and cultural life. At the time they start to play the game, players will have th..


Second Life Affair Leads To Real Life Divorce

A British couple are divorcing after wife finds her husbands chatting affectionately with a woman in the virtual online world.For its many devotees, the Second Life virtual world is a place where the ..


Second Life: Woman Attempts To Kidnap Ex-Virtual Boyfriend

A woman wanted in the bizarrely complicated attempted kidnapping of her former virtual boyfriend has been apprehended after a multi-state search, reported by CBSlast weekend.Second life and formed a v..


Second Life: Playing For Profit

Part of an initiative to boost youth participation in this year's election, Microsoft's move shows how gaming technology can have an impact far beyond the narrow confines of a display screen...


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